March 2012 LUXEBOX Overview and Review

You know what?  I am impatient.  Ridiculously so...  I could not wait for this months box, especially with the first in line scenario they had going this month.

I have to hand it to Loose Button though, it arrives at my door 2 days after my email notification.  That's pretty awesome!

On with it then...

As mentioned, there was a First In Line initiative that allows members to pick one of 3 items that will be in our sample box.  It was a bit of a challenge to get on the site at the appropriate time, but I was able to choose my preference.

Outer Box

Sleek Logo's box
As with all of the LuxeBoxes, they are shipped in a outside cardboard box and then the logo black box is within.  Very sleek and I keep the outside box for my lasagne garden (multi-tasker) and the inside box for other storage items.

Inside card with sample descriptions
 The cards are always very cute.  Actually reminds me of a stamp set I have for making greeting cards...
1 Year anniversary Thank you card to plant
And yes, I plan to plant this anniversary card.  Read my blog people... I love gardening!!  This is a nice touch.

The 4 samples
 Enclosed within the box are 4 items (3 sample size and 1 full size):

  • J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotion in Lavender
  • CHI Silk (In)Fusion Leave-In Hair Treatment
  • Mereadesso Face & Neck Toning Gel
  • Cargo Eye Shadow Single
J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotion Sample

 J.R. Watkins is not unknown to me, their Lemon Creme line is an absolute favourite.  I am happy to try a new scent and since I am going down south in 4 weeks, I can take it with me on the flight.

Full Size (325ml) is $10.  Sample size is 29ml.
CHI Silk Infusion leave in Hair Treatment Sample
 CHI is a line that I have glanced at when out and about but never inclined to try. But this Silk Infusion is something I will definitely use as I use a straightener

Full Size (180ml) is $33.  Sample size is 15ml.

Mereadesso Face & Neck Toning Gel Sample

Mereadesso Face & Neck Toning Gel, couldn't come at a better time.  No joke.  After photographing my face for my mascara review series I realized the sagging that has occurred.   Geesh....  So I am trying this asap, can I say it again, ASAP!!!!

Full Size (50ml) is $120.  Sample size is 7ml.

Cargo Eye Shadow Single (Brown and Pink)
This was the item I selected in the Front of the Line.  I have never owned any Cargo products (shame on me), so I snapped it up.  I will say up front, this picture sucks (I may take another one and post here too).  The left side is a very delicate shimmer brown and the right is a lovely, pale pink with shimmer.  It has a good payoff for colour.  And I am a sucker for an attractive tin.

Morning eyes with Cargo shadow
Full Size (3g) is $16.  Our size was 3g.

On a side note, one of Cargo's eyeshadow colours is Halifax - cool.  That's where I live!

My overall impression of this months box?  I liked it.  I did read other blog posts on their selection and was secretly hoping for a perfume sample(s) but honestly?  Every single one of these items are ones I will use, and hey - that's exactly what I was taking a chance on.

So how many hoorays?  4 out of 5.  Plus a smile for the seed card - Lovely touch!




  1. So jealous you got mereadesso! i got it last month I think id be the happiest subscriber ever if i got it every month I absolutely love their products!

  2. My box was different from yours ...

  3. I got the same products as you!

  4. I'm jealous of your cargo eyeshadow :(

  5. Thanks for posting links to your blogs! I am reading them and enjoying them too!!!


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