Let's Talk Gardening! Start the insanity... Spring 2012

I am not all about makeup... Mostly but not all.  As the title of my blog says, I like gardening and baking as well.   As my garden evolves, I will use this blog as a journal of it.  If people want detailed information, then I will expand it, but for now, I will post pictures and short descriptions.

These are little gems in my back garden.  I will post pictures of the entire garden as I can.


I forgot I planted these and put a log on top!

Pretty Purple Crocus

Honestly cannot remember - Help!

White crocus

Peek a boo!

*Sorbaria Sem
Sem Close up
* from Garden Splendor website

Now for the front garden

** Nippon Grass and Autumn Joy Sedum
 ** from perennialreference.com

Not a clue what this is - Lily maybe
Poor little rose trying to survive
Wow - Plenty of cleanup is required!

This is a labour of love for me...  And a constant source of joy!  Even when it looks sketchy.



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