Friday Mug - Week 1 (June 8, 2012)

So last night I was sitting at my makeup table and wondered what I wanted to do next.

So.... I have decided is every Friday I will post a picture of my face (stop the screaming babies!) and and list the products I have used to create the look.  If anything catches your eye, ask about it down in the comment.  I will give you my opinion on these items as we go along.

I think I will do it for a month, see if anyone is interested and maybe continue for a while.

Mug = Face (like you didn't know that)!

With Flash

Products Used (with links):

I have dry skin and right now I am in a Ponds mood - I use it night and day.  Is it my Holy Grail?  Nope, but it gets the job done. I really like this primer. My undertone is yellow and this primer seems to settle my colouring.
My go-to foundation right now. Apply with fingers and buff with my Kabuki brush.
Received this in a beauty box and am really enjoying it.  Cream based so is not fluid in any way.  But I apply and buff with my 224 brush after I finish my eyes.
New product (Thank you Lindsey) I am trying.  I have a love/hate relationship with cream shadows.  Apparently the trick is to apply it to a bare eyelid (no moisturizer, foundation, concealor, base) so it adheres to the skin.  Love the colour range.
Remember how I hated the results of the sample one I received from TopBox?  Again, thanks to Lindsey (from MUFE), I am retrying this mascara and I am really enjoying it.  I think the sample one was dried out because the one I have now and the results are like night and day!
Why a different mascara for my bottom lashes?  A couple of reasons:  Clutz with mascara wand and after trial and error I don't seem to get the mascara leeching down with this product!  And the wand is teeny weeny!!!!
Looks shockingly pink at first but when you buff it out just gives a pretty pink flush (a little goes a long way as it is very pigmented).
Just a touch under the eyes to set the corrector and it seems to help preventing my lower lash mascara from melting to a mess.
Ahhhh, a red lip.  I apply sparingly and really work it into my lips following the natural lip line. More of a stain then!
Full on Glam Red lips
Nice gloss which sits well over lipstain.
Just warms my face up a little.
No Flash
Tools Used (with links):
Sweet heaven is that everything??? Yup!!!  Longer to type than to do!!!

My routine start to finish is about 20 mins.


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