June 2012 TopBox Overview and Review

Happy June to all, let us jump right in to this months blog on TopBox.  I was part of a late wave of mailings and received my TopBox on Friday.

I did receive lots of lovely things and an addition for the shipping error last month.

Really like this packaging

Chock Block of things!!
This months list of items:
  • STILA Forever Your Curl Mascara
  • PARI BEAUTY Precious Glow Liquid Shimmer Lotion
  • GET CREAMED BODY Naked Decadence Salon Hair Wash

Side 1 of card

Side 2
STILA Forever your Curl Mascara
First up, Stila forever your curl mascara.  I have this in the full size (a Sephora combo box if I remember correctly - and I reviewed it!).  Overall, not a bad mascara even though the smell is a little funky!  Wand is small and I like the formulation.

Full Size: 10ml @ $26?  Sample Size:  3.5ml
Rating:  Hooray
PARI BEAUTY Precious Glow liquid Shimmer Lotion
I have a Pari eyeshadow that I received in a previous TopBox.  Very excited to receive this to try as (if the description is correct) it is a versatile product.  From Highlighter to eye primer and body glistener (my own made up word).

Full size:  10ml @ $15.  Sample Size:  Around 3-5ml?
Rating:  Hooray
GET CREAMED BODY Naked Decadence Salon Hair Wash
Never heard of this brand previously so I am intrigued.  Supposedly a premium brand without harsh chemicals.  Does it lather though?  I love a good lather.

Full size:  240ml @ $22.  Sample size:  60ml

Rating:  Hooray

Again, a new brand.  They gave us a choice of the Face Cleanser or a Shave Cream for me.  I wash my face twice a day so I will definitely put this to use.

Full Size:  Part of a Kit For $35.  Sample Size:  90 uses...

Rating:  Hooray


SIMPLE Eye Makeup Remover and Garnier BB Cream in Light

Simple Eye makeup remover and Garnier BB Cream in light.  This is the second of the Simple product I received (from another box), but I don't mind at all!  I tried it and liked it!  As far as the BB Cream go, I am willing to give it a go, small sample or not.  It's a bonus!

Rating:  Hooray
DDF Firming Lotion
This was a little add on since the snafu last month with the shipping of my box.  I have tried DDF before and I liked it.  This sample size is pretty generous so I will not complain at all.

Update - the smell is like burnt rubber.  Really quite awful!

I won't rate it though as not everyone got something of this nature....

Overall Ratings

Hoorays - 5

Topbox keeps on impressing me.  I very much like the offerings to date!



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