June 2014 Beauty Box 5

After last month's disappointing Beauty Box 5 offering I was really on the fence about continuing. But I am a sucker for surprises. When I opened this month's box, I was pleasantly surprised.

First up is Vitabath's Wild Red Cherry Body Wash. I received a 60ml size. The full size is about 360ml and retails for about $8. Very cherry smell and I think it's sweet and nice.

New to me product range is Nicka K. I received a gorgeous vivid red colour called Ripe Apple. The bottle is sleek and modern looking if that is of importance.  I received  full size which retails for about $5-6.

I will include the foil packets of shampoo and conditioner in this list. I is Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner from OGX (organix). Prices range from $8 for 385ml to $15 for 750ml.
Next up, more foil packets but this time it is a replenishing scrub, comforting mask, refiner/cleanser and soothing cream from Eslor Skin Care. I have zero knowledge of this line of skin care but I am a sucker for face scrubs and whatnot. Retails for $28-65 dollars each.
Finally I received a sample size of GlamNatural mascara in black. Coincidentally I am trialing sample sized mascaras to take one with me to Spain for the Camino de Santiago. Lucky indeed. I did try this mascara and took pictures for you to judge. It lacks the punch of other mascaras in my arsenal but it's not... bad. Full size retails for about $28.
Very small wand. Simple spiral

One Coat of mascara
Two Coats of mascara
 Please excuse my messy mascara application! Not typical.

 I thought I would add a comparison of the mascara from my TopBox review and this mascara. Both with 2 coat of mascara. The right eye (left to the viewer) is more bold and is from Teeez Trendy. Left eye (right to the viewer is the GlamNatural mascara. I feel there is quite the difference.

Beauty Box 5 is now back on my good list. I have a use for everything is this box.

PS, if you live in the US and want to give Beauty Box 5 a whirl, enter code FREE614 at checkout to either:

  • Get a free intro box, or
  • Save $12 off a quarterly subscription, or
  • Save $12 off a yearly subscription.

Code expires 6/30/2014



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