August 2015 TopBox

TopBox has consistently been an excellent beauty subscription box. They typically have great products, their shipping is super fast and they are a Canadian based company.

What I particularly like about TopBox is that they send you an email approximately 3 weeks before your box ships with some options to set your wish list. Typically it is 4 or 5 groups of one, two or items in a collection. If none of the options appeal to you, you can opt to get the regular box.

TopBox costs $12/month, shipping included (but plus tax - $13.80 grand total) and they offer multiple month subscription in 3, 6 and 12 month increments. There are usually 4 beauty samples in each package. Sometimes with the special package there can be fewer items but still within a generous value point.

This month my TopBox selection was the regular box selection. 

Anything in italics are direct quotes from the website. 
There were 4 items in the pouch with a bonus TRESemme item.

bliss triple oxygen radiant protection energizing serum

stand up to skin-damaging pollution with a serum that defends skin against environmental aggressors Full size  of .9 oz is $71. My sample was 0.16 oz and if math is my thing (it is not) this value is about $12.60.

I've used it the last couple of morning and goes on very well with a little amount and has quite a sheen. Once it sets the sheen pretty much disappears.

Create a glamorous, lacquered pout with ModelCo's SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss. The reflective, shimmering gloss lends a luxe touch to your beauty look, and glides on smoothly for a non-sticky, long-lasting finish.

The colour I received was Strip Tease. Kind of a nude colour. Does not provide much of a tint but lots of shine and sparkle.  Full size cost is $20. I received a full size item.

I have lots of lip glosses and this one doesn't inspire me much. Will give to someone.

Ceramic Glaze nail lacquer 

Formulated with:
• Adhesives and plasticizers that secure polish to all nail types – preventing chipping and providing flexibility.
• A special clay like material that works to fortify and harden nails.
• The same ingredients that gives porcelain and ceramic its shiny, glaze finish.
• Extra pigments and dyes that create a uniquely saturated colour for even coverage.  

Price for a full size bottle is $11. Sold at Shoppers Drug Mart. The colour I received was Mermaid's Tale.

I don't paint my nails. Re-gift. 

A luxurious body lotion infused with honey, soy, shea butter and rich water binding ingredients for ultimate moisture and hydration.  Healing aloe extract and vitamins A and E help soothe and provide vital nutrients to dry, parched skin.

Full size is 180ml (6.08) and costs $41. My sample was 0.23oz - about $1.50

Smells lovely. Have yet to try.

I am ok with this month's subscription. Value is about $45 which is more than I paid. 2 of the items I will use, 2 I will not. 
Here are my other TopBox Reviews.

PS. I neglected to mention that I received a small travel sized can of mousse by TRESemme in the package too. Meh - re-gift.


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